1930 Rolls Royce Limousine Cockshoot – 6 Seater

If you’re looking for something really special for your wedding day – you have to spend a moment admiring our Rolls Royce Cockshoot Limousine. One of only two in the world still running, this majestic vehicle is the pride of our fleet – immaculately cared for and maintained to offer you a magical experience on your big day. Featuring an authentic primrose and black colour scheme, we’re proud to offer Rolls Royce Cockshoot car hire – and we’re confident you’ll love every second of your time spent with this amazing motorcar.

Why is the Cockshoot such a special vehicle? Before the Second World War Rolls Royce built chassis and chose specialist coachbuilders to construct the bodies for them. Joseph Cockshoot was a talented coachbuilder who’d worked on the Silver Ghost series prior to this one – and Rolls Royce commissioned him exclusively to create the famous Cockshoot body that you can see in the photos we have on the page. With a very limited number to start with, the Cockshoot line comes down to just two – and you can book one for your wedding day, giving you the chance to travel in one of rarest and most majestic vehicles on the road today.

The extra long body offers plenty of room inside, and even the most voluminous of wedding gowns can be accommodated, plus the Cockshoot makes a perfect companion for your wedding photographs too. Step back in time and step into this grand old lady – ask about Rolls Royce Cockshoot car hire for your wedding today.

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