1930’s Style Convertible Beauford Wedding Car – 4 Seater

4 Seater – 1930’s style 4 door long wheelbase

Beauford Wedding Car Convertible in Old English White.

Beauford wedding car hire is one of our most popular requests and this stunning convertible holds a very special place with many of our brides, offering the reliability and convenience of modern mechanics in a hand-crafted body that captures the spirit of the 1930s.

The sweeping curves make it a perfect companion for your wedding photos. We’ve chosen Old English White as our preferred colour – ideal for complementing almost any bride’s colour scheme, and the interior has been finished with cream leather and burgundy carpets that add a little splash of colour to the ensemble.

Beautiful Beauford Wedding Car Hire

Unlike many of the convertibles from the early days of motoring, the Beauford benefits from four doors and if you’re unfortunate enough to suffer from Britain’s unpredictable weather – the large hood won’t cramp your style and doesn’t detract from the impressive presence the Beauford brings to any wedding party.

The modern design also includes full heating throughout the car, enabling the Beauford to be used any month of the year – so you can see why so many of our brides fall in love with it! Click to enlarge any of our photos and see if the Beauford wedding car is for you.

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